Time Saving Tips for Submitting Prior Notice

The Prior Notice System Interface (PNSI) allows you to submit information to the FDA about food shipments that are imported into the U.S.  PNSI includes several helpful features, described below:

Copy Web Entry

Copying a Web Entry allows you to create a new Web Entry that is a duplicate of an existing Web Entry.   You can then edit any of the information except the entry identifier and entry type before submitting Prior Notices.

For example, you plan to send the same products on different days using the same carrier.  Rather than enter all of the information each time, copy a Web Entry and edit the shipment information.

To copy any Web Entry in your account, select a Web Entry on the View Web Entry page and click the Copy button.  

Copy Prior Notice

Copying a Prior Notice may save time when your Web Entry has more than one Prior Notice with similar product, quantity or firm information.  

  1. You can copy the Prior Notices along with the original Web Entry.  Select the Copy Associated Prior Notices checkbox on the Copy Web Entry page.  You can then modify any information.  

  2. You can create a copy of a Prior Notice within a Web Entry from an existing Prior Notice.  Select the original Prior Notice and then click the Copy button on either the “Prior Notice: Article” or “Prior Notice: Submitted” page.  The system will create a new Prior Notice with a new article number.  You can then modify any information except the article number.

For example, your shipment contains one product packaged in different size containers, such as canned corn in 8 oz and 16 oz cans.  You first create one Prior Notice for the 8 oz cans.  You then copy that Prior Notice and edit the Quantity and Packaging information to submit the 16 oz cans. (Check that all other information is accurate).

Related Facility Same As

You do not need to enter a facility’s name and address on every screen.  Instead, you can use the “Facility Same As” feature.  You enter the information on the first screen.  The next screen that needs that specific facility will allow you to select from the “Facility Same As” dropdown list.  

For example, a Grower packages and ships her own products.  Indicate that the Shipper is the same facility as the Grower/Consolidator by selecting from the dropdown list on the Prior Notice: Shipper page.

For more information on using the Same Facility As functionality, refer to the Entering Prior Notice Related Facilities section for

Default Facility

The Default Facility feature may save time if you must file Prior Notice for a shipment with several products that have at least one common Related Facility.

For the first Prior Notice, enter the Facility data.  Select “Yes” for the “Should this Facility be the default?” question on the facility page.  Then, create the next Prior Notice for the same Web Entry.  The system will complete the facility information for you.

For example, your shipment has several different products going to the same Ultimate Consignee.  Set the Ultimate Consignee as the default for the first product.  The system will then retrieve the information for each new Prior Notice you create with the same Web Entry.


Copying Prior Notices From Another Web Entry

The Copy Prior Notice to Another Web Entry functionality allows the Prior Notice (PN) Transmitter to copy a PN from one Web Entry to another entry of the same entry type.  This feature allows the Transmitter to easily re-use data that has already been entered.


  1. Navigate to the  Web Entry (View) page.  Click on the “Copy Prior Notice From Another Web Entry” button.

  2. The Find Prior Notices page displays. The search results will be limited to PNs of the same entry type as the target Web Entry.  The search results can be further refined by entering the search criteria.  The available Prior Notices will be of like entry type and will be shown on the top of the screen.

  3. To copy the Prior Notice, click on the Article link of the PN desired to be copied.  

  4. After selecting the PN to copy the PN Transmitter will be brought back the Web Entry (View) page, where the PN which was just copied will be shown and can be verified.


Favorite Facility

This feature is a personalized list of frequently used facilities (Firms with FFR only) to serve as an address book to allow PN Submitters to create and submit PNs faster and easier.  

The Favorite Facility feature will help users in quickly creating Web Entry Facilities (Submitter, Importer and US Recipient) and Prior Notice Facilities (Manufacturer, Producer, Shipper, Owner, Consignee, Holding Facility) by saving commonly used Firm data in their Favorite list of facilities and then selecting the saved Firm data in subsequent creation of Web Entry Facilities and Prior Notice Facilities, instead of manually typing the same data repeatedly.